If the weather is nice, the beach is always a great idea! We have several beaches that we usually recommend; they all have their own parking areas and the first four have bathroom facilities.

Tiscornia Beach is just north of the downtown area is the quietest (no playground and a longer walk to the bathroom = no kids :)). Approximately 5 miles from the Inn.

Jean Klock park is just north of Tiscornia and is usually the less crowded than the 2 main beaches which are Silver Beach and Lions Park Beach. Approximately 5 miles from the Inn.

Silver Beach is convenient to the downtown shopping and dining area, has a concession stand, volleyball nets and a playground – you can also walk out on the pier from this beach; it is usually the busiest beach. Approximately 3 miles from the Inn.

Lions Park is just south of downtown and the parking is the closest to the beach/water area. Approximately 3 miles from the Inn.

Grand Mere State Park is located south of St. Joseph and has walking trails along with a beach area. Please note that you need to hike over a sand dune to reach the beach area at this park and there are no bathroom facilities at the beach. Approximately 4.5 miles from the Inn.