Enjoy the Blossomtime Festival in St. Joseph, Michigan

Despite the flurry of activity at our St. Joseph, Michigan Bed and Breakfast, we unfortunately will not be open in time for this spring’s Blossomtime Festival that has punctuated the start of spring here in Southwest Michigan.  The Blossomtime Parade began in 1923 with a floral parade to promote the rapidly expanding abundance of produce being grown in the area.  The parade has grown over the years and has become one of the largest and most anticipated events by locals and visitors to St. Joseph and surrounding communities.

Speaking of the flurry of activity at the Bed and Breakfast, we are well into our second week of finish carpentry, painting and tile work.  The rooms are really starting to take shape now that there is color on the walls and some tile in the bathrooms.  With every new bit of finish work that is completed, I get more and more excited about how awesome the rooms are looking.  I can’t wait to host guests and share my excitement with them!

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