Remodeling with Gusto!

The lovely Cape Cod style home that houses The Painted Turtle Inn has been a flurry of activity since mid-January.  Despite being ahead of its time when it was built, many of the furnishings and mechanical systems were outdated and worn.  Our crew has come in to remove the old and bring in the new!

Unfortunately, we had to remove what we were told was the first ever surround sound system in the United States.  A friend of the original owner wanted to test out this new idea and used this house to do just that.  It was still connected to the original turntable and tube-style radio (which still works, by the way) and we used it for a bit, but sadly the time came to remove the cabinets the speakers were in so it had to go away.

One of the very cool things we are keeping, however, are the terrazzo floors in the hallway, kitchen and great room of the house.  It is not very often that this type of floor is found in a residential setting, but they are in great condition and once we have them polished, I believe they will look brand new.  Also staying will be the original hardwood floors on the second floor and the original parquet floor in the original library on the first floor.  The wood floors will also be refinished to give them an updated look.

Once the remodeling is finished, we believe we will have one of the most unique homes in St. Joseph.  With the views over the bluff of Lake Michigan and the extensive acreage behind the house, you can’t go wrong staying at The Painted Turtle Inn.

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